Primitive - Belonging to an early time. 

Inspirations - Forces that give someone an idea about what to create. 

Growing up my mom had a knack for collectibles. She had the eye and I spent hours & hours with her as she went through thrift stores, attended estate sales and flea markets. She poured over collectible & antique books (no Google in those days), looking for descriptions and prices. She refinished tables, reupholstered chairs, painted and sanded, sewed items, tea stained things for a vintage look. She ran her own small cottage-industry business called On & On Antiques and Collectibles, sometimes from our home, sometimes from a flea market, sometimes from a collectible mall. This was way before the vintage explosion had taken place, when everything was labeled as junk and the word retro didn’t describe the jeans I was wearing or the drinking glasses in our kitchen.

     Fast forward to today, where the years have gone by and my blood runs the color of thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets. I learned so much from my mom. How to appreciate the past, how everything has a story, how new is not always better. How to be Inspired by what some people look at as Primitive.

     So, enjoy our shop! Browse around, fall in love, be Inspired!

Andrea Murray-Watters